Scadoxus membranaceus Scadoxus membranaceus

A truly beautiful genus of nine species of bulbous plants that are native to many parts of Africa, usually found in semi-shaded or forest areas.

Within such a small number of species there is a wide range of diversity, some being more showy and flamboyant than others. However, all are well worth growing as wonderful pot plants.

All the species have luxuriant foliage and in some cases the leaf bases form a false stem that can be liberally patterned with purple spotting. The individual flowers are relatively small but when produced in a large sphere or tightly clustered like a large paintbrush never fail to impress.

My collection consists of around 45 accessions involving 8 species, all held in pots in a greenhouse - so far around twelve have the potential to flower. Flowering time itself varies considerably between the species and occurs sporadically from as early as March through to September - always an event worth waiting for.

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