Monarda 'Squaw' Monarda 'Squaw'

New show beds for 2015.

Monardas are primarily tall erect, spreading, clump forming mainly perennial herbaceous plants that flower for a long period during high summer from July to September. Colours range from white, to pinks, purples and reds. They tick so many gardening boxes: fabulous colours, attractive long lasting flowers, and scented flowers and foliage, which look great 'en masse' and are easy to care for. The particular shape of the flower, the strength of the stems and the height are also great features of the plant. The clusters of tubular flowers and their leafy bracts are quite unique and have been wonderfully and appropriately described as ‘fireworks’ flowers. Their structure and height also afford them a fine place in a variety of planting schemes, whether specifically for the herb garden or for the general herbaceous garden, the wild garden, prairie style planting schemes or for companion planting to attract beneficial insects .

Following a life long love of herbs (I eventually grew over 500 varieties) I decided to specialise in the genera Monarda and Nepeta a few years ago and now hold National Collections of both. I currently have around 100 accessions of Monarda, of which the majority are cultivars; I have found reference to many more, which I am sure I will keep searching for.

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