Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowdrops and soup (and sun!)

Written by Miss Caroline Stone
Galanhus 'Diggory' Galanhus 'Diggory'

A rare spurt of sunshine welcomed around 40 people to Little Ash last week - the sun held out the whole time we were there as well.

The garden was looking really interesting. Small group of select snowdrops are starting to bulk out pleasingly, and everyone enjoyed comparing the differences.

The unusually neat formation of 'Godfrey Owen' with six inner segments and six outer petals (previous doubles had only three outer petals), and 'Diggory' looking like a white satin ball gown were particularly commented on.

Several people used to seeing the garden open in the summer for the NGS mentioned how interesting it was to see it at this time of year - with the perennials all tidied away the structure and shape of the garden can be seen clearly. But this was not all, the hellebores were also looking good, many of them from that fine breeder of hellebores Rodney Davies. 

Having treated us to a good look round the garden, Helen Brown, helped by Penny Walmsley, served up delicious soup in the barn (while Helen's husband Brian ferried fresh supplies of hot soup out from the house). Everyone enjoyed the chance to get together, and chat at a time of year when there aren't many opportunities to meet up with gardening friends.

Photos: Steve Morton


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