Research visit to the Netherlands to study aspects of Nerine production

Acknowledgements and thanks

Thanks to:

  • Ros Smith
  • Dr Alec Forsyth
  • Dr Aisling Devine
  • Anne Osman
  • Peter Bond
  • Paul Waines
  • The Nerine and Amaryllid Society
  • Plant Heritage Devon Group
  • Caroline Stone
  • Steve Eyre
  • Arthur Andrews at Winchester Growers
  • Kitty de Jong and Meneer C. de Jong
  • Johan van Scheepen at KAVB Library
  • Leo van Leeuwen at Naktuinbouw
  • Mirella de Lange
  • Evelien and Ellois from Iribov Micropropagation Laboratory
  • Paul van Leeuwen from PPO-BBF in Lisse

and my new supervisor Dr James Wagstaffe.